About Us

Waste Management's At Your Door Special CollectionSM service collects and manages hard-to-recycle home generated special materials. These materials include many items that may not be disposed of in the regular trash or recycling bins.  These items include household and garden chemicals, electronics, Universal materials such as fluorescent lamps, CFL's, batteries and most automotive-related chemicals and products including used motor oil, antifreeze and cleaners.

Since 1995, hundreds of thousands of residents have participated in our home collection programs. 

We work directly with public agencies and businesses who did not know where to turn for assistance with these materials. We offer a complete solution to manage these materials.   We offer  household battery and lamp collection programs, which allow public agencies and businesses to accept these items from the public.

The At Your Door Special CollectionSM service offers our potential customers many collection opportunities. With an emphasis on recycling and diversion of these items, we focus on recycling as much of the materials we collect as possible. Our efforts in this area are unique in the industry, as our focus is to help to protect the environment through the proper management of these materials.  

Our mission is to provide quality and convenient material management services. Let us help you create a complete solution to fit the needs of your community or business.

Public agency/Municipal representatives- , please call 1-657-345-6005 or E-mail:atyourdoor@wm.com

Businesses Owners and managers interested in one of the programs please call 1-657-345-6005

You may also contact your local Waste Management representative.

Residents call 1-800-449-7587 or email atyourdoor@wm.com