Hazardous Materials Management for Hotels

A total solution for Maintenance Managers

Hotel maintenance managers are required to comply with local and state regulations for the disposal of unwanted hazardous materials. Increased regulations require new solutions for the handling and disposal of these materials.

In some states, did you know that all fluorescent lamps and tubes are considered hazardous waste when they are discarded because they contain mercury? How about alkaline batteries? We can help you manage thse materials, as well as heavy-duty cleaners, CFL's, electronics, batteries, paint products, swimming pool chemicals and more.

The At Your Door Special CollectionSM service will work directly with hotel managers to set up a complete system to ensure the proper handling, storage and disposal of regulated materials. We can tell you what items must be managed as regulated materials, how to manage them on site and we can collect them for recycling or disposal based upon both regulations and best management practices.

Waste Management's At Your Door Special CollectionSM program is a hazardous material transporter.  

Many cities and counties are contracted to us for the collection of household generated special materials. Because of these contracts and the high volume of universal materials generated in these programs, we can offer a competitive solution to hotels for the collection and recycling of these materials. 

It may be time for you to consider one source for excess material management.