Sharps Mail-Back Program

Residents who need a solution for their sharps disposal problem can be served if a public agency contracts with Waste Management's At Your Door Special CollectionSM to provide mail-back kits to residents.  The program is very simple to implement.

Public agencies that contract with Waste Management can tell their residents to call At Your Door Special Collection toll-free: 1-800-449-7587 and order a kit. The kit is mailed to the resident. The resident removes the sharps container and materials from the shipping box and places sharps in the container. When the sharps container is full, the resident places the sharps container into the provided box.

The sharps container, along with the completed shipping form, is placed into the postage-paid shipping box and dropped into the U.S. Mail. It’s that simple. The USPS delivers the container to an EPA/State permitted incinerator where the materials are destroyed.

Residents do not need to leave their home to obtain a kit- Simple and Easy!