Small Business / CESQG

Any municipality can implement a small business program with Waste Management's At Your Door Special CollectionSM service by simply referring local businesses to our program. We then work directly with the small business to safely remove the unwanted special materials. This provides each municipality assurance that these materials are correctly disposed or recycled.

Small businesses are often referred to as CESQG’s (Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators). This term was coined in federal legislation which provides exemptions to entities generating less than 220# of hazardous waste per month or who have accumulated less than 2,200# of Hazardous Waste materials at any one time.

Even when some small businesses are willing to pay the cost associated with the proper management of their excess materials, they may not find a hazardous material transporter willing to service their business due in part to the small quantity of items. Depending on current state or local regulations, there maybe limitations or restrictions to this program.

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