Battery Recycling Program 

Our small battery recycling program is designed so batteries that would otherwise be disposed of into the trash are collected for recycling. Battery buckets are provided to the public agency and should be placed in high traffic areas. We recommend placing the containers in your community centers, teen centers, city hall, libraries, and senior centers. 

In fact, all of the battery types listed below are recycled into new materials.Participants can dispose of the following batteries into this container:

  • NiCad - rechargeable
  • Alkaline/Zinc-Carbon - one time use
  • Lithium - primary one time use
  • Nickel Zinc - one time use
  • Silver Oxide - one time use (hearing aid, etc.)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride - rechargeable (used in cell phones)
  • Lithium Ion - rechargeable (used in computers, cell phones)
  • Mercury batteries - one time use (hearing aid, watches)


It is important to place the battery buckets in easily accessible areas throughout your community. The top two reasons why more small batteries are not disposed of properly is lack of opportunity and convenience. 

Your community can be placed on a regular route to ensure safe and proper collection. The trained technicians will simply pick up the buckets on a regular schedule.  Another convenient service to encourage recycling in your area!